Vinegar as Fabric Softener – Whaaatt???

Vinegar as Fabric Softener – Whaaatt???

Yes, you read it right. Vinegar is an amazing fabric softener. I didn’t believe it either until I tried it. Had to try multiple times before I could say that it really works. I didn’t believe it. At all. But it actually works so much better than softener. And no, it does not leave a vinegar smell.

I first heard about it from my sustainability YODA, Heather. Heather is always looking for better, alternative, chemical-free ways to do things and is always a step ahead of me, so when she talks, I listen! 🙂

Now, I’m totally sold. Everything feels softer and when I put them in the dryer (I know, still working on line drying!), I just put a few drops of my organic lavender essential oils in my Wool Dryer Balls for a nice fragrance and that’s it. I’m in love with my new laundry routine. I have tried a couple of natural laundry detergents but my favorite so far is Molly’s Suds. If you haven’t heard about them, check them out here: (this is not a sponsored post. I just really like their products).

Laundry rooutineSo, this is my new and improved routine:

Molly’s Suds laundry detergent and 1/4 cup of distilled white vinegar, replacing the fabric softener. Then in the dryer, my super soft wool dryer balls (you can make yours or buy some) with a spray of lavender or a few drops of lavender essential oils. Your clothes, sheets, and towels will smell and feel so good and you will be making a difference for the environment by reducing the amount of chemicals in your laundry.

If you are curious as to why it works, vinegar contains acetic acid that works to brighten, soften, and kill odors in laundry. “Distilled, or white vinegar, is produced from the second fermentation of dilute distilled alcohol. The alcohol could be made from grain or the starch from corn, potatoes, rice, or barley. Distilled vinegar is usually less acidic than cider vinegar and ranges from four-to-seven percent acidity.” Vinegar is environmentally friendly and safe for septic tanks.

There are tons of other reasons to use vinegar in your laundry and around your home and The Spruce put together a great summary here.

Try it in your next load and let us know your thoughts! Little changes can have a big impact. It starts with us!

Rebel for Good, Rebel for Change.

Have a rebel week!



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