Top 9 Sustainability Instagram Accounts to follow

Top 9 Sustainability Instagram Accounts

Look no further. If you are interested in the topic of sustainability, and you love browsing through Instagram for inspiration and information, we recommend you take a look at the following accounts. Here they are, the Top 9 Sustainability Instagram accounts to get solid information and inspiration. 

Naturally, they are our personal recommendations and do skew towards sustainable fashion. The truth is that there are so many brilliant people tackling the sustainability topic. That said, this is a good shortlist to start from. If you would like to delve deeper into other accounts, we recommend you get into these accounts and find out who they follow themselves. Hopefully, that will give you ideas on how to generate your own sustainability influencer circle! 

Without further ado, here are our favorite Sustainability Instagram accounts (in no particular order):

  1. The Sustainable Fashion Forum – great discussion points around fashion and sustainability plus tips on how to be more sustainable.blank
  2. Fashion Revolution – you can follow the parent organization and/or a local chapter close to you. The “parent” page provides lots of useful information on fashion and labor – a key part of a truly sustainable business. It also tracks brands for transparency. The local chapters also offer info on how to connect with local businesses as well as events happening in your area. Especially good during Fashion Revolution Week in April!blank
  3. Ellen Mcarthur Foundation – great organization researching and advocating for circular economy. One of our favorite topics! And one of our favorites sustainability Instagram accounts!blank
  4. 1% for the Planet – a network of organizations (which we are part of!) that want to do better and be better support non-profit organizations fighting to combat climate change. A great source to get to know sustainable businesses. blank
  5. Global Fashion Exchange – a great organization creating opportunities for you to be involved in clothing swaps and getting educated and active about it.blank
  6. Renature – very solid profile to learn a bit more about the importance of regenerative agriculture.blank
  7. 4Ocean – our go-to resource account to get information on the ocean plastic crisis and inspiration on actions we can take. blank
  8. GreenBlueJournal – clear, concise,  in-depth information and analysis on sustainable fashion.blank
  9. Rebel Buda –  a shameless plug for us! Tips for sustainable lifestyle and our journey towards building a sustainable and relevant brand.



I will periodically write posts about other great sustainability Instagram accounts to follow. But this is definitely a good starting point. Comment below and give me your thoughts on these accounts and please share the accounts you like with me. I would love to hear where you get your daily dose of sustainability information and inspiration. 

And always. Rebel for Good. Rebel for Change!

Stay tuned for our next blog post, and feel free to comment or write me with questions and suggestions about themes you would like to see covered in our blog. 

*Rebel Buda, Inc. is a public benefit corporation and proud member of 1% for the Planet. We offer 100% certified organic tees and tanks for the whole family to rebel for change together. 

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