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Revising business sustainability pillars

When we launched in 2019, and following our business sustainability pillars,  we partnered with a certified US-based manufacturing company that made the softest tees. We loved everything about it, how they made our product, where it came from, and all the certifications it had. However, we had to commit to a certain number of designs,...
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Sustainability controversies (Part I)

Let’s talk about some Sustainability controversies! (Part I) So much to say and so little time about this. Let me try to organize my thoughts. WHAT DOES SUSTAINABILITY MEAN? When I started, I studied and read a lot about sustainability from a more theoretical perspective and it became clear to me what a sustainable business...
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Organic Clothing – Why it matters – Part II

Why organic clothing is better for all of us and the planet. In our last post, we talked about why organic clothing matters and put into context the incredible, ridiculous, outrageous amount of plastic present in what we all wear. Now we will explore the differences between organic and traditional cotton and why it matters...
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3 Cities, 3 Swaps, One Big Swap Party.

Join us this Saturday, September 28th for a clothing swap party. Bring items that you would proudly give to your closest friends, enjoy drinks with old and new friends, learn easy sustainable practices, and take home your swapping spree.  Learn more about what a clothing swap party is and why it matters in this article...
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Vinegar as Fabric Softener – Whaaatt???

Yes, you read it right. Vinegar is an amazing fabric softener. I didn’t believe it either until I tried it. Had to try multiple times before I could say that it really works. I didn’t believe it. At all. But it actually works so much better than softener. And no, it does not leave a...
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Climate Change – Let’s talk about it!

What is the number one thing you can be doing today to change the world? Talk about climate change. Not in a depressing, apocalyptical way. Not with fear based tactics. Use your shared values to connect with people. A lot of us are parents and want to secure a future for our kids. The crazy...
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Why a sustainable business?

Sustainability is the development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.
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The story of 2018 was climate change… or was it?

I worry that our children and grandchildren will one day ask us, bitterly, why we spent so much time distracted by lesser matters.
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How it all began…

Quiet change, big impact. It began with a quote, with a dream, with love, with a simple idea. Mostly, it began because for as long as I can remember, I wanted to do something that had an impact. At 40, looking at my two boys, I felt like I had fallen short. I enjoyed my...
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