Revising business sustainability pillars

Revising business sustainability pillars

When we launched in 2019, and following our business sustainability pillars,  we partnered with a certified US-based manufacturing company that made the softest tees. We loved everything about it, how they made our product, where it came from, and all the certifications it had. However, we had to commit to a certain number of designs, sizes, styles, and production. We LOVED our product, and we did ok for a first-time brand, but we had quite a bit of unused inventory left. And this is not sustainable either. 

Additionally, because of production/inventory constraints, we ended up creating a limited number of styles. Some successful, others not. Hence, the inventory issue. 

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And to be honest, we have always wanted to be part of a real closed-loop circular model –  a business model where waste materials and energy becomes input in the production chain. A Circular system employs reuse, sharing, repair, refurbishment, remanufacturing, and recycling to create a closed-loop system. That minimizes resource inputs, waste creation, pollution, and carbon emissions. 

So, looking to create a model that didn’t need us to commit to production and delivering on flexibility and circularity but still matched our values, we found Teemill. No plastic, organic GOTS certified clothing, printed on demand. 

AND, with a circular model!!! Talk about business sustainability! You can (and should) return your piece of clothing to be recycled. In return for contributing to the circular model, you will get store credit. Our new products are made from our old products, which are designed from the start to be sent back when they are worn out. This model gets us to the circular economy for clothing. One of our absolute goals!


In summary, a few pluses from this new business sustainability model:

  • no unused inventory; 
  • we can play with different designs that might resonate with our community;
  • introduces the circular model; 
  • affordability for small brands like ours; 
  • diversify styles (tees, tanks, hoodies, and more);

Check our new collection here. Let us know if you like it. You can also customize your own design! Fun! Let’s make sustainability cool together! 


And always. Rebel for Good. Rebel for Change!

Stay tuned for our next blog post, and feel free to comment or write me with questions and suggestions about themes you would like to see covered in our blog. 

*Rebel Buda, Inc. is a public benefit corporation and proud member of 1% for the Planet. We offer 100% certified organic tees and tanks for the whole family to rebel for change together. 


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