Reusable Glass Straws


These reusable glass straws come in different colors or transparent. We have tried and love them! There are so many options out there and we wanted to find something that was made in the US and had similar values than ours. This is it!


Glass Straws 9 inches x 9.5mm Bent.  Havana Heat 4 pack of Teal, Ocean Blue, Lime, and Mango – Made With Pride in USA by Hummingbird. 

  • MADE IN THE USA – Each straw is handmade by glass artists and inspected by hand for quality.
  • HELPS THE ENVIRONMENT — In the U.S., it is estimated we use over 500 million plastic straws DAILY. Plastic is not biodegradable, meaning every plastic straw used since they were invented in 1938 is still around in some form, leaching toxic chemicals into the water and soil. The good news is that just one person switching to a Reusable Glass Straw can keep about 38,000 nasty plastic straws out of the environment! Now think of the difference YOU can make if you give our glass straws to friends and family.
  • RESISTS BREAKING — Remember those nearly indestructible Pyrex bowls and plates your mother and grandmother had? These are made of the exact same stuff! Naturally clear, this borosilicate glass is shatter-resistant, making it both durable and safe to drink from.
  • CLEANS EASILY — Simply rinse them out after every use and you’re ready to go. However, we do include a cleaning brush just in case you get a chunk of fruit from your smoothie wedged in there. Hummingbird Glass Straws are dishwasher safe, also… it doesn’t get any easier than that! 


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