inspiration to rebel

We know incorporating change is not always easy and have been caught in the paralysis of how to best tackle big issues such as the protection of our environment or creating a more socially conscious world. As parents, we teach our kids but we don’t want to just teach them – we want to show them that what they do matters; even the seemingly little things like understanding more about the clothes they wear. Children and teens are realizing their future is at stake and want to be involved in the issues that surround them.

They can already make an impact – with what they choose to consume. Understanding the impact of our consumption choices is how we can all make a difference.

We don’t pretend we have all the answers – this is as much our learning as it is yours. We are actively seeking the best ways to lead a sustainable lifestyle and partnering with you and other organizations to do better, to be better. To rebel against the current, traditional ways.

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