imperfect rebel

Imperfect Rebel

It’s been a while since I wrote a post and I had promised myself I would do one post a month.

Perfectly Imperfect Boy, have I failed!!! I was scared, wrote and deleted. Didn’t think I had something important to say.  I set out to learn and adopt a more sustainable lifestyle, create a new company and share the journey and my learnings here with you.

With social media, product development, marketing collaborations, business trips, family, friends, I confess, I just didn’t have the energy. Plus, I wanted to write the perfect post, with the perfect structure and the best information. So, what happened? I didn’t write at all!

It’s been a buuussyyy few months. I have been learning a lot and meeting some amazing people along the way that have inspired and energized me, so here I am for take 2 (or 200).

Today, I change that. I commit to one post a week (every Monday, pinky swear!). Bear with me until I get the hang of it. Some of it might be just my musings and rants. Most, I expect to be exciting, good, valuable information that can energize you to make a small (or big) change.

In the wise words of zero waste chef Anne Marie Bonneau:

“We don’t need a handful of people doing zero waste perfectly. We need millions of people doing it imperfectly.”

I will leave you with a simple and obvious (so obvious we don’t think to share!) tip that I have successfully implemented: bring a coffee cup everywhere you go. Keep one in your car, put one in your luggage for traveling. So simple yet most of us don’t really do that. We can reduce our impact significantly PLUS we feel good about drinking our coffee! 🙂

From this imperfect rebel for change to you,

Let’s go make some changes! Together, we can!

Rebel for Good. Rebel for Change.

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